New Zealand Immigration visitor visa

Employers & HR Managers

Securing work visa for your employees

Approvals in Principle to recruit overseas and INZ Employer Accreditation.

Immigration New Zealand student visa

Answering PPI letters


You may have made your own visa

application, however Immigration New Zealand have asked for some clarification or question/s (PPI's). You feel that it's best if an expert answered them.  

Immigration New Zealand work visa

Work Visa


New Zealand is a small country with a robust, globally-connected economy. There are plenty of opportunities for work in NZ, provided you have the right skills and experience. Contact us for any assistance regarding work visas

New Zealand Visa residence class
Residence class visas 

New Zealand is a great place to live and raise a family. It offers an unmatched lifestyle; it's not paradise but pretty close to it. If you would like to live in NZ permanently, you are welcome to contact us for assistance. 

Immigration New Zealand residence visa
Overseas Partner or Family Reunion

Perhaps you may have met your significant other somewhere overseas. You want your overseas partner to join you in New Zealand. Or if it's your overseas family members who may wish to visit or move to New Zealand.

Immigration NZ special cases
 Complex cases 
If for any reason, you are in New Zealand unlawfully.
We may be able to assess your options
and help you not only to choose the right option but also to do the right thing. 
Immigration New Zealand student visa

 Student Visas 


New Zealand is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it also hosts some of the best educational institutions.


Please contact us if you would like our guidance on the study options best suited for you. 

New Zealand Immigration visitor visa

General Visitor Visa (GVV) or Critical Purpose Visitor Visa (CPVV)


New Zealand is a great holiday destination or maybe you want to visit family or friends, during normal times. There may be an emergency or a critical purpose and you may want to travel to NZ during the COVID-19 border closure. 

New Zealand Immigration visitor visa

Reconsideration, Section 61, Appeals for ministerial direction, IPT Appeals and Ombudsman Complaints


You can explore some options if you are in a situation where an Immigration New Zealand decision has gone against you. You are welcome to contact us in confidence, and we can advise you of your options.