Engaging with us

New Zealand Visa

Our code of conduct

Immigration Advice is a regulated industry in New Zealand.
As per the immigration advisers licensing act 2007, immigration advisers need to be
licensed by the immigration advisers authority (
iaa.govt.nz) unless they are exempt. We follow strict compliance requirements mandated by IAA.
Click here for a copy of our code of conduct 

Consultations are Confidential 

Your discussions with the immigration adviser are completely confidential.

Free Initial Consultation (15 Minutes)

There are no charges for an initial chat, remember we will not charge you unless we obtain your written approval for the payment. 

What can be covered in an initial consultation ?


Initial consultation is designed around determining the "feasibility" and one can discuss "pathways" for you, it   is an overview of the situation, it is not meant for detailed application specific advise.  We can also discuss any information that is publically available.


What can't be covered in an initial consultation ?


There are rules around providing immigration advise in New Zealand. Any immigration advise that is application specific must be reported and the responsibility taken by the adviser. For that reason, all immigration forms have a section for immigration adviser details. As an applicant it is your duty to report any immigration advise paid or unpaid that you may have taken for your application.  


An Initial consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your situation confidentially with us. We can let you know various options/pathways and the costs involved. 


We cannot provide any application specific advise without a formal engagement, contract and putting adviser name (taking responsibility of the advise) on your application.


A few things to note


Please remember to make an appointment, we don't offer walk in consultation, appointment. You are welcome to email/skype or zoom (by prior arrangement) if you can't make it during office hours. 


Assessment and Quote 


You will be provided with an assessment of your situation, the pathways forward and the costs involved. 


We will


- Provide honest, unambiguous and professional advice

- Simply and interpret the regulations and policies and guide and advise you

- Provide you with a quote

- Abide by the rules, regulations, code of conduct and legislation set out by the legal authorities and professional bodies 

- Provide you with a copy of code of conduct for licensed immigration advisers issued by immigration advisers authority 

- Make you aware of our internal complaints procedure 

- Provide you with an agreement which outlines the terms of our engagement


Case Management 


Once we are engaged, your case will be assigned to a dedicated case manager, who will be your single point of contact. 


Complaints procedure 


If for any reason you are not happy with our services, please email your complaint to  contactus@livinginnz.co.nz or contact the director directly on 0800 327696 from within New Zealand or 0064212274246 from overseas. We will acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours and it will be reviewed by our director and give you a response within 14 working days. We will follow up the review with a meeting within 30 working days to try and resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


If the aforementioned is not able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you have other options available one of which is to take the issue up with immigration advisers authority iaa.govt.nz