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Post Study Work Visa Employer Assisted

This follows the announcement by INZ yesterday (8/8/18) that there will be no more post study work visas (employer sponsored).

If you are planning to study in NZ

The message is clear, if you take a degree course you get the maximum opportunity to engage in the NZ job market and possibly become a resident.

If you take diploma courses, then outside of Auckland gives you a better deal visa wise.

They key messages are

Better courses give you better options

Courses with education providers outside of Auckland give you a better visa option.

If you are already a student in NZ

It’s a win-win, instead of one-year open work visa followed by the employer assisted work visa and its infamous “relevance” conditions, you may get a total of 3-year open work visa.

What you really need to watch for

If you are planning to make a residency application sometime in the future and need points for "skilled experience" you need to ensure proper record is kept especially in case you chose self employment during the time you are on an open work visa.

If you are on an Open Job Search Visa

If you are on an open job search visa that expires after 26/11/18, you are in luck.

If you are on a Post Study Work Visa

You will have employer location and position mentioned on your visa. You may make an application (VOC application) and get those removed from your visa label, post 26/11/18.

If you are an employer and you have staff who are on Post Study Work Visa Employer Assisted

Your staff will no longer be on a closed work visa post 26/11/18, they may make a Variation of Condition (VOC) application with INZ if they wish to leave you, they don't need a job offer from another employer to do so.


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