• Ishvinder Singh

Have you received a PPI letter from Immigration New Zealand ?

PPI stands for Potentially Prejudicial Information.

In plain English, it means that Immigration NZ have found that there is something that may go against your application, so it’s a chance for you to respond and clarify the matters, so that the decision that’s made is a fair decision.

Overseas Applications

Immigration NZ is not obliged to send you a PPI letter, so you must try to get it right the first time.

Onshore Applications

Immigration NZ will send you a PPI letter before a decision is made, should they find something that have a potential negative impact on your application.

Time Allowed

Normally 5 working days, the deadline will be mentioned in your letter. However you may request for an extension and the case officer may grant an extension for your reply.


There are no special forms for a PPI response.


It is important that you take PPI letter very seriously and if you can’t answer it adequately or to the satisfaction of the case officer then the chances of the application being successful are very remote.

While it is not mandatory for you to engage a professional to answer the PPI letter, it may be worth seeking professional help.


The views expressed above are my own, please don’t take them as immigration advise on your application in isolation.


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