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Immigration Consultant’s top 5 Tips for your visa application.

Immigration Consultant Auckland New Zealand

I would like to share some tips with you so that your visa applications have the best chance of success.

1. Ensure that you are using the correct forms

Some Immigration forms for paper based applications, come in different month and year versions which is normally mentioned on the form. I have seen applications RFL’d because an outdated form was used. RFL'd in plain English means, been sent back to the client.

Many times, clients just google “INZ 1015’” which is a work visa form and download and print the first form they see on the results page.

That form may be from a website which a) is not immigration NZ website and b) was not updated in the last 5 years and has an old version form on it.

Please ensure that you only use the forms from

2. Make your application in time

It pays to make your application well in time, the obvious reason being that you avoid the last-minute anxiety, however that’s not the only reason. You see, in a situation a visa application gets declined there are certain avenues which are available to a client who still is on a valid (old visa) as compared to a client who is not on a valid visa anymore. Please refer to my earlier blog post which covers your options in detail

3. Explain with a cover letter

An immigration officer does not know your situation, and it is very hard to guess things only based on forms, a cover letter basically does two things one it establishes context for the immigration officer and two it provides a summary of supporting documents that you have provided. You greatly reduce the chances of human error by including a cover letter with your application.

4. Include supporting documents

Ensure that any claims you make are well supported. For example, if you claim that you would like to visit New Zealand for a sailing adventure in your visitor visa application, it would be very beneficial if you include the details of the vessel you are using, your itinerary, details of similar trip you may have done earlier. None of those is a mandatory requirement for your visa application, however it will greatly help the immigration officer establish "purpose of visit" which is certainly a policy requirement.

5. Go beyond the minimum required

Provide an Immigration officer with sufficient information not the minimum information. For example, in case of partnership based applications, providing only a marriage certificate is not sufficient to meet the policy requirements of “living together”

The views expressed above are my own, they should not be taken as specific immigration advise for your visa application. The views above are not endorsed by or represent Immigration NZ in any way.

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