You have reached the right place if you are looking for immigration help. We provide professional advice to onshore and offshore applicants. Livinginnz.co.nz is a privately owned business not associated with Immigration New Zealand. We charge professional fees for our services.

Engaging Immigration Adviser for New Zealand Immigration-related matters

Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand (IAA.govt.nz) recommends that applicants considering using an immigration agent should employ the services of a licensed immigration adviser, whether within New Zealand or overseas unless they are exempt. It is a criminal offence to provide Immigration Advice to applicants without holding a current license to be exempt. You can read more here, www.IAA.govt.nz.You can check if an immigration adviser is licensed on the licensed immigration advisers register maintained by the Immigration Advisers Authority. Please check www.immigration.govt.nz for details on utilising the services of Licensed Immigration Adviser


Employer Services

Overseas recruitment.

Assessing your potential employee's chances of obtaining a work visa.

Accreditation Applications.

Job Check Applications. 

Immigration Compliance.

General Information.


Client Services

All kinds of visa applications.

Case evaluation.
Variation in visa conditions.
Answering PPI letters (letters of concern) against your visa application by INZ. 
Character waivers or complex matters such as drink-driving, convictions, domestic violence, and breach of visa conditions.
Reconsideration requests. 
Section 61 requests.
Appeals for ministerial direction.
IPT appeals.
Special Direction.
Migration assistance.


Thousands of satisfied clients and employers



IPT Appeals & Ministerial Intervention Requests




​We have successfully resolved many complex cases with ministerial intervention.  

Our Promise

To provide honest, unambiguous and professional advice.
To diligently complete and submit all aspects of your visa application.
To simplify and interpret the migration regulation and policies and help you through the process.
To make the whole process as stress-free as possible.
To promptly communicate with you every step of your application process from the date of lodgement to Immigration New Zealand’s decision on your visa.
Be upfront, open and honest about all fees, and seek your prior approval before any charges.
To abide by the rules, regulations, code of conduct and legislation set out by the legal authorities and professional bodies, i.e. Immigration New Zealand and Immigration Advisors Authority.

Disclaimer & Declaration

Immigration policy is dynamic, and the information contained on this website may not be current. We accept no responsibility for any consequences arising out of the use of information on this website. The use of the "we" in the text above and elsewhere on this website is in the context of the business entity NetworkG Partners Ltd., which is an NZ registered private limited company. The trading name of the business and the registered trademark is Livinginnz.co.nz To view the company information, please refer to www.companies.govt.nz

The use of the IAA logo below is related to individual advisers and not the organisation as a whole, please click on the license number tab to view the IAA page of the individual adviser/s. 




Immigration Consultant
Immigration Consultant
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